3 Ways To Secure Your Online Ticketing System

Security is a key concern for both online tour and activity operators and for customers. Failure to offer a secure booking environment when requesting sensitive information like credit card details can result in severe penalties. This post looks at steps you can take to ensure your online ticketing site is secure. The following precautions should be put in place to ensure the security of your website.

1. Protect your site with a secure certificate

If you run a booking website you are required to have it protected by a secure certificate to safeguard you and your customers online security. If you using a web host you can ask them to set one up for your booking page, however this can cost you a minimum €99 and upwards. However if you run your own website but use Vivit Booking Solutions’ software partner Rezgo to handle your online bookings, then you wont need your own secure certificate.

2. Use an approved payment gateway

If you are receiving payments on your online ticketing system you should be using an approved payment gateway to maximise your online security. Using a payment gateway to process credit card payments means a much more secure booking experience and is very well suited for businesses who operate a ticketing or voucher system such as tour and activity providers.

3. Ensure your site is PCI compliant

Being PCI compliant is a requirement if you are using a payment gateway. Even if your are not using a payment gateway it is still recommended as it means your site is scanned for vulnerabilities and any security issues are addressed as soon as possible. This responsibility falls to you if you are using your own booking page but, as with the secure certificate, when you use a PCI compliant booking system such as Rezgo this is all taken care of for you.

These precautions will ensure your site is secure for all concerned which will result in a better booking experience for both you and your customer. If you currently use an online ticketing system you should check if each of the 3 precautions outlined above apply to your site. If you do not currently have a security certificate, or you think your booking system may not be PCI compliant, talk to us at Vivit Booking Solutions today and we can identify the best course of action for accepting bookings and payments for your business.