Ram 1500 TRX pickup into a mighty Mammoth capable

Hennessey introduced the most powerful car in the world with the Mammoth tent received a travel accessory

The American tuning studio Hennessey Performance specializes in the production of heavy-duty modifications of American cars of the same brands, including pickups. Specialists turned the standard Ram 1500 TRX pickup into a mighty Mammoth capable of outperforming even thoroughbred sports cars in drag racing, but now in the USA, tuners have introduced an optional Overland Edition package that turns already modified pickups into real expedition cars.

The module in the cargo compartment includes a Nimbus folding tent installed above the roof, a retractable one and a half meter awning awning, an additional fuel tank and a water storage tank are placed under them. A folding ladder is provided for access to the bed.

Additional LED lighting and entrenching tools, including a shovel and a 72-cm splitting ax, are placed along the perimeter of the power frame. The standard Ram 1500 TRX is equipped with a HEMI V8 6.2 engine with a supercharger drive, which made it possible to extract 712 horsepower and 881 Nm of torque from the engine.

Hennessey Performance has two tuning programs in its arsenal that turn a pickup truck into a Mammoth 900 TRX or Mammoth 1000 TRX, the indexes of which indicate engine power. For those who want to turn their car into an expedition SUV, in addition to the Overland Edition package for $ 20,000, the studio also offers Off-Road packages of two levels, which differ in the degree of extremeness of the body kit, suspension, wheels and tires.