What is the Right Amount of ‘Busy’?

Have you ever heard anyone say they are just the right amount of busy?

It’s usually ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I’m not busy enough’.

At Vivit Booking Solutions we sometimes hear potential customers say they are either too busy to think about an online booking system or they feel they are not busy enough to warrant one. Either way, a great booking system is exactly what your tour and activity business needs! This post looks at both responses and explains how an online booking system will help you reach the right level of ‘busy’.

‘I’m too busy to set this up’

Well here’s the good news. Not only will we do all the setup for you, but the end result will mean you will have less of the menial day-to-day tasks to do. My guess is, the reason you’re too busy is because you spend your day taking phone calls, replying to email enquiries, managing your staff and diary etc.

Well, if you have a complete online booking system installed on your website, you will have less and less of these calls and emails to deal with. The software will do this work for you, taking queries, confirming bookings, arranging your diary. This will mean you will have more time to concentrate on other important areas of your business.

‘I don’t need this, I’m not busy enough’

Ok, the next question you need to ask yourself is ‘would you like to busier?’

Of course you would, right? 

Having online booking software installed on your website means you will get more bookings. There are more people booking tours and activities online now than ever before, so you need to give yourself the chance to take advantage of this. By allowing your potential customers find and book your tours or activities online you are giving yourself the opportunity to take more bookings, get busier, and make more money. 

So which one applies to you? Do you consider yourself too busy or not busy enough? Either way, an online booking system will help your tour and activity business. Get busier by taking more bookings or reduce your workload by getting help with bookings.

Below is some of our clients in Ireland who are already using our booking software to reach more customers. If you’d like to chat and find out more, call me in Waterford on 0857799689 or email me info@vivitbookingsolutions.com