Case Study

Waterford Winterval - Ireland's Christmas Festival

Waterford Winterval - Ireland's Christmas Festival


Customers were finding it difficult to book online, resulting in a high number of ‘fall-offs’ during the booking cycle and high cancellation rates.

This in turn led to many people opting to pay at the attraction themselves, leading to longer queuing times and general customer dissatisfaction.  

The organisers needed an online booking solution that was straightforward and user friendly.

Waterford Wintereval


After meeting festival organisers, Vivit carried out extensive research with suppliers and customers.

We took a 360 degree approach to provide a tailored booking solution that would satisfy all stakeholders.

Vivit delivered a very intuitive booking experience that increased online bookings by over 60% year on year.

Vivit also reduced booking times by 50%, shortened queuing times significantly and reduced cancellation rates to 0.06% of total bookings.

Do you run an event at Christmas that could benefit from a smoother booking experience for you and your customer?

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In their own words

“Vivit Booking Solutions were commissioned to design and implement an online booking and ticketing service for Winterval 2014. It was evident from our first meeting that the team at Vivit had studied our product offering and hit the ground running with great ideas and designs. From there, right through to testing, the team were engaged and always tried to represent Winterval in the best light possible to our future clients. The system went live in September 2014 and we did not record a single problem or issue after this time.

The attention to detail, hands on approach and consistent training and engagement saved me so much time and allowed me to focus on organising other parts of our busy festival. The reporting facility and booking statistics was a game changer for Winterval, and will allow us now to make the necessary changes in the background that are required to go forward and grow for Waterford Winterval 2015. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Vivit Booking Solutions to any organisation, they are professional, efficient and deliver on time and on budget”

 Sinead O’Neill Hartery, Winterval Chief Executive

“This year, we decided to invest in our own tailor made booking system for which Vivit was successful in winning the tender. All through the development and implementation process, we found the Vivit team to be extremely flexible and knowledgeable. I have no doubt that the ease of booking for the end user has led to increased business and customer satisfaction. I could not recommend Vivit highly enough to any organisation in need of an online ticketing system”

– Owen Byrne, Head of Marketing for Winterval

“In previous years, instead of booking online, the vast majority of our customers were choosing to pay at the entrance. It was manic. There were large crowds and long queues. People waited for long periods in the freezing cold and became very annoyed. This year was so much better – many more people booked online so it was much easier for us to manage”

  – Shane Kavanagh, Supplier to Winterval & Owner of 4Shires Carriage Company

“I have found working with Vivit Ireland a very professional service. The booking solution has been of the highest quality and very simple to use for us and our customers. Working in partnership with a team of highly skilled professionals has made our job so much easier. The customer service has been second to none. The Vivit team have been available night and day to answer any enquiry. It has been a pleasure working with Vivit Ireland and would highly recommend them as booking solution specialists”

– Andrew McDermott, Snow Globe Winterval

“Before working with Vivit, queues were a real problem for me as customers got frustrated standing in line. During Winterval, the new online booking system meant queue lengths and queing times were greatly reduced. This resulted in happier customers and an increase in tickets sales. The whole system was so easy to use for both us, and the customers. I highly recommend Vivit Booking Solutions”

– Shane Murphy, Santas Grotto Winterval