Over 40% of visitors to your website are using mobile devices like smartphones.

People using mobile device have specific needs and are looking to search and book in a short amount of time when visiting Ireland. 

Your mobile booking engine shouldn’t just be a small version of your website, it should be a mobile specific interface which allows your customers to browse and book your tours and activities in a touch friendly, time efficient manner.

Now you can take full advantage of your mobile visitors and convert them into booking customers.  

The software that Vivit Solutions uses provides you with a complete mobile booking engine for your tour & activity business. Connect to your mobile customers when they are in your destination.

Mobile page

Everything is Included

There is nothing extra you have to do to get your mobile booking engine up and running. Vivit Solutions will set up your account, load your tours and activities, and activate your site. Your mobile website is live at the same time. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if your customer clicks on a link in email, on a Google search, or scans a barcode, your website will automatically show the correct page regardless of the device. This means you don’t have to change a thing on your existing website or on your marketing collateral. Customers who go to your website will automatically see the interface that is best suited for their device

Fast & Secure Booking Process

  • The mobile booking engine is designed to allow your customers to book your tours and activities directly on their smartphones. 
  • The booking page and payment process are optimized for mobile and make the booking process as easy as possible. 
  • Once the booking is confirmed, even the voucher and receipt are re-formatted to display on a smartphone. 
  • Your customers can bookmark their online voucher or save a copy of their barcode on their phone. 
  • Check-in is as easy as scanning their smartphone.

And just like the full web version of the booking engine, the mobile booking engine is totally secure.

A Better Mobile Experience for Your Guests

We didn’t just create a regular website that looks okay on small screens, we used a completely brand new mobile specific design that is touch friendly and easy to use. 

Instead of scrolling around on a screen your customers will get access to your tour information quickly and with a touch of their finger.

The mobile booking webapp uses the latest technologies such as HTML 5 and Ajax to provide your customers with a fast and enjoyable experience on any major smartphone.  

The Software is not just mobile friendly, it is mobile optimized.