Camper Alternatives

Tent trailers – the perfect camping all-rounders

Significantly larger and more comfortable than a tent, set up in a flash and much cheaper than a caravan: folding caravans are absolute all-rounders. Three tent trailers in check.

The tent trailer on a big comeback tour: Alongside large mobile homes and caravans and cool camper vans, the folding caravan has been somewhat forgotten. But the concept has long been back. Because its advantages are convincing more and more campers:

  • At the holiday destination, the trailers can be set up in just a few simple steps.
  • Bicycles can ride on the drawbar or on the trailer.
  • The light trailers do not require a strong tractor. And most are released for Tempo 100.
  • A category B driving license is sufficient.
  • On the way to your destination, they cause significantly fewer problems than a mobile home or caravan. And the trailer can also be parked in almost any small space at home.
  • Or you can simply take out the tent and use the trailer in other ways after the holiday.

The equipment of the trailers is as wide as the range offered by the manufacturers: There are models with two beds, but up to eight adventurers can also be accommodated in a tent trailer. Three models at a glance.

Cabanon Mercury

The French manufacturer accommodates almost an entire household in the Cabanon model: living room, two separate bedrooms, kitchen with its own window. When fully set up, there is an area of ​​a good 33 square meters under the tent – enough space for up to eight campers. And below a height of 2.20 meters, hardly anyone has to duck their head. The model is available from around 10,200 euros.

Isabella Camplet

The name says it all: Camp-let is Danish and means something like “light camping”. The classic has been on the road since 1969. Currently there are the Passion and North models. Both offer 18.4 square meters for a family of four, but can be expanded to accommodate eight people. The construction succeeds in a few simple steps. The Passion costs from 9,799 euros, the somewhat more rustic North is available from 8,699 euros. Many accessories are available for both.

Camp Work

The Bochum-based company makes the selection pleasantly clear: there are the Economy models for one to three people (nine to 18 square meters) and Family for two to five people (eleven to 23 square meters). Both can be set up in three minutes at most. And: Both are available in the on-road version for almost every common road surface and as an off-road version with studded tires to get to your destination on all other routes. All models have the Tempo 100 approval and can be supplemented with accessories. The prices: from 8,290 euros (Economy) or from 9,439 euros (Family).