Travel across Europe

Travelers in Europe have become more likely to choose non-tourist destinations

Travel across Europe is becoming more sustainable – people are increasingly choosing non-tourist destinations for their trips.

Airbnb analysts came to this conclusion. A report that recently appeared on the site says that when the platform launched the “I’m Flexible” option, one in 20 travelers began choosing accommodations outside of crowded cities and areas. The number of such bookings increased by 35%. In addition, people began to plan trips more often on “unpopular” dates. And this figure is projected to continue growing at 5.7% each year.

The “I’m Flexible” feature allows you to choose placement options recommended by the platform. Usually these are bookings of not the most touristic locations and at not the most popular time.

“We want Airbnb to be part of the solution to the growth of tourism and support sustainability trends,” said Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb co-founder and chief strategy officer.